Abake Assongba De Rosa / Founder
Mrs. Abake Assongba has been involved in the financial industry for over a decade before she
had the inclination to create the humanitarian organization Abake's Foundation". Born in West
Africa, she has lived and studied both in Paris, as well as New York City. In addition to traveling
extensively throughout the world, she is truly a citizen of the world with a keen understanding of
how the world works together. Originally, the foundation was established to better assist
impoverished children in Africa by initiating Micro-Loans to women, as well as educational
scholarships and localized farming grants. Mrs. Assongba is currently working on expanding the
foundations reach within the United States and the many children whom are also in need
Anthony JW De Rosa / Co-Founder
With over a decade of experience in restaurant management and sales and marketing,
Anthony JW DeRosa had earned a degree in Marine Technology from Kingsborough
Community College before he had become involved in the Insurance and Financial Industry.
Interests of Mr. DeRosa are Aquaculture, Horticulture, Music and Martial Arts, and has been
influenced by the diverse multicultural world he had grew up in living and working
in New York City.
Nadiath Baloubi / Webmaster

Victorien Ouensavi / President of the African Division
Mr Victorien is the president of Abake's Foundation in West Africa. He works hand in hand
with the people of Benin seeking many ways to better their lives through the actions of the
Foundation. He is not only physically involved on the ground but He also over sees
the foundation and its projects in Benin, West Africa.
Here is a link to view his Curriculum Vitae.

----->Read His C.V.

Mafoya Baloubi / Financial Adviser
Mafoya Baloubi, a recent graduate of the Borough of Manhattan Community College in New
York holds an associate in applied science degree in business management
and has been working with Abake’s Foundation since 2007. Born in 1985 in the West African
region, Mafoya soon carried his passion for making the world a better place by joining the
Abake’s Foundation team. He is currently working on his Bachelor in Accounting and utilize
his expertise to assist Abake’s Foundation when he is away from his studies.

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