In the past, Humanitarian aid was limited to providing funding for food, medicine, and shelter to both developing and war-torn nations.

The definition of humanitarian aid has been expanded to include projects that provide substantial, sustainable social and economic effort.

We at Abake’s Foundation would like to see positive, progressive solutions to our modern ages daunting challenges implemented which will ensure a productive future for both human and wild life.

We would like to harness natural means to coexist and thrive with the local environment in a way that has been put aside in the modern era, but has allowed our ancestors for many thousands of years to develop within their differing ecosystems.

We would also like to help people to continue to live their lives in the home of their fathers whilst still feeling like, and being part of the greater world, by being able to contribute ideas, cultural lessons and solutions to our brothers and sisters worldwide.

Abake’s Foundation has a series of projects in its portfolio which will integrate the human and natural resources from all regions with respect and balance in a positive, sustainable way.

Our purpose is not only to help children, but also to follow up to their maturity where in society they will find their own place in order to help others.

We do not want them to carry on the emotional baggage from the harder days, but rather to have with them the love, caring and the security we have instilled within them.

We hope that our dream, desire, and determination, will provide these children and families a life better than they had ever hoped for.

We understand that it is not enough to wish that things will be different, rather it is essential to take action, and to let our voices be heard one step at a time.

We encourage positive actions. Our vision is also to expand worldwide where borders would not limit the initiatives of bringing lasting, progressive changes to the lives of those in need.


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