– Construction of two (02) class modules, a hospital room, a teachers’ room, an office of the director, an infirmary, all equipped and donations of school supplies to schoolchildren and students of Tangbo-Djèvié district in the municipality of Zè with a total cost of Fifty Seven Millions Eight Hundred Three Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Six (57,803,266) Francs CFA IS 116,000 USD on October 05, 2009.

– Donation of food to the poor sisters of the poor of Tokan in the commune of AbomeyCalavi with a total cost of One Million Eight Hundred and forty-one One Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty (1,841,950) Francs CFA is 3700 USD on October 08, 2009.

– Christmas of orphaned children in a difficult situation with a total cost of Six Million Nine Hundred Four Twenty Eight Thousand Five Hundred Four Twenty Five (6,988,585) FCFA or 14,000 USD December 19, 2009

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