On January 04, 2011, children’s Christmas parish and primary school ST Pierre and Paul Parakou for a total cost of Three Million Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Six Cents (3.162.600) FCFA or 6.325 USD.

On February 18, 2011, donations of school supplies and prize distributions to the most deserving students in Tangbo-Djèvié in the Commune of Zè at a global cost of Two Million Hundred Sixty Four Thousand (2,164,000) FCFA or $ 4,325.

February 19, 2011: Official Discount of Five Hundred (500) new 4-stroke non-polluting motorcycles to motorcycle taxi drivers and individuals at an overall cost of One Hundred Seventy Ten Eight Million Two Hundred Four Thousand (178,204,000) F CFA that’s 356,500 USD. On the same date, three hundred (300) destitute women received micro-credit without interest for a total amount of eleven million (11,000,000) CFA francs or 22,000 USD; [One hundred (100) women received Fifty Thousand (50,000) FCFA each or 100 USD Two hundred (200) received Thirty Thousand (30,000) FCFA each or 60 USD.

21 February 2011: dedicates the laying of the foundation stone of the International Polyclinic Abake’s Foundation (PIAF) in the town of Abomey-Calavi that will serve all countries of West Africa. – December 24, 2011: donation of food to Two hundred and fifty (250) Poor women in the municipality of Porto-Novo Dowa at a global cost of eight hundred eighty ten Eight thousand two hundred and fifty (878,250) FCFA or 1.760 USD.

December 25, 2011: Christmas children in the village of So-Ava in the village of Lokpo and surroundings with a total cost of One Million Three Hundred Twenty Five Thousand (1,325,000) F CFA or 2,700 USD

December 31, 2011: donation of food to two hundred (200) poor women in the town of Abomey-Calavi in ​​the 1st arrondissement of a total cost of Seven Hundred Two Thousand (702,000) FCFA or 1,400 USD.


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