Health for all

Health for all


Abake’s Foudation laid the Monday, February 21, 2011, the laying of the foundation stone of the largest polyclinic of Benin in Akassato; a district of the town of Abomey-Calavi in ​​Benin. A project that is to his credit and will be at the end of its realization, the greatest achievement of this foundation in Benin since its creation. This will put an end to the ill-health evacuations in Benin and will save the taxpayers money for the realization of this project. With a global price of more than 28 billion CFA francs, about 43 million euros and 52 million and half US dollars.

This health center will be erected on an area of ​​one hectare. This masterpiece of Abake’s Foundation will meet the needs of a health facility of qualities with the same skills and respecting hygiene and cleanliness measures as European clinics.

Built on an area of 10,000 square meters, the building of the hospital has capacity: 150 hospital rooms, 300 beds for hospitalization and intensive care, a radiology and scanner center, a functional exploration unit, a complete laboratory of medical analysis that will have benefits in biochemistry, hematology, serology immunology, hemostasis, bacteriology, parasitology, endocrinology and many other services.

The International Polyclinic of Abake’s Foundation will have employed more than 300 people living in the country. A source of employment for Beninese youth and especially for those graduating from faculties and national schools of medicine. according to the sub regional leaders of this foundation, after the completion of this ambitious development project for Benin, everything will be done to ensure that the best Beninese doctors working in Europe return home to fully exercise their profession while serving the nation.

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