Littoral women financially independent


Our mission is to provide access to loans and insurance to disadvantaged populations in Africa. These new sources of money enable them to create businesses and businesses that contribute to the economic development of poor regions. African women are generally those who hold family responsibilities, however to manage their families they usually have a very limited or nonexistent budget. Yet the ambition to undertake exists but the initial capital is almost always missing. Thanks to the interest-free microcredits we grant to women, we aim to stimulate entrepreneurship. Through the projects that we will enable them to set up, we will help them indirectly to provide for whole families. On February 19, 2011 in Benin: Three Hundred (300) destitute Women benefited from microcredit without interest of a total amount of Eleven Millions (11,000,000) F CFA or 22,000.

100 women received Fifty Thousand (50,000) FCFA each, ie 100 USD.  

Two hundred (200) received Thirty Thousand (30,000) FCFA each or 60 USD.

How it works?

When a woman wants to get a microcredit, she has to submit her project to the neighborhood women’s committee. This committee is composed of 4 trusted women who are respected in the village. They study the projects, decide according to their feasibility, define with the microcredit candidate the repayment terms and manage the outflow and the cash inflow for all the microcredits granted. Women who have resorted to microcredit must gradually repay the sum borrowed, and all the repayments will be used to finance other projects such as building schools, a health center, etc … .

The results so far

Thanks to this, many women have already been able to resort to microcredit, the activities they choose to launch are very varied: some invest in sheep for wool, others build a small shelter to become hairdressers, others manufacture and sell jewelery, and many are those who embark on agriculture …

August 09, 2010; donating food, impregnated mosquito nets, a baby trousseau with a financial envelope to a destitute family in Cadjehoun (Cotonou) for a total cost of three hundred and eighty-eight thousand (328,000) FCFA or 660 USD.

December 31, 2011: donation of food to two hundred (200) poor women in the town of Abomey-Calavi in the 1st arrondissement of a global cost of Seven Hundred Two Thousand (702,000) FCFA or 1,400 USD.

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