Back to school in better conditions

Abake’s Foundation, in continuity with its action in education in Africa, renewed for the 9th consecutive year the distribution of new school supplies to poor families in Benin. The Foundation distributed 100 Kits to 100 children: colored pencils, notebooks, folders, pens, diaries, binders, mathematics sets etc. to enable all children, regardless of their economic and social situation, to start back to school in the best possible conditions. Quite often, precariousness is synonymous with school failure. In fact, children from disadvantaged families suffer from painful school pathways linked to poor housing and stigma at school. New and quality school supplies allow the child to successfully return to school and avoid isolation and rejection.

We want all children to have the same chances of success in school. The fact of having the same supplies as the others makes it possible to take confidence and to apprehend the re-entry serenely. It is also an effective way to meet the growing needs of families who face financial difficulties when they go back to school.

Said Abake Assongba, Founder of Abake’s Foundation

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