There are many ways of helping. We want you to get involved with us in bringing awareness. There are different ways you can do that using your computer.

You can join our Mailing List. You can write a blog and send it to us and we will post it on our website. You can post a web banner for Abake’s Foundation on your personal social site.

Email us any questions or suggestions you may have. We greatly appreciate your help. You can promote fund raising in your area, you can also host a local clothing drive, food drive and medicine drive in your area or school.

You can email us and we can send you stickers of our organization which you can put on your car, bag, refrigerator, etc. You can also copy banners which you can put on your social website.

You can tell your friends and family members about us and what were are doing. You can tell media about us. Any ways you can think of that will help make our projects receive exposure, we will be ready to back you up as long as it is legitimate.

Would you care to share your opinion about things that are going on. We want you to take a stand and state your desires, your wishes and what you believe has to happen in order accomplish it.

We would like for you to share with us your experiences from your hometown and perhaps ideas of how to improve it for the next generation.

Many people have great ideas of how to improve their country of origin and are capable of putting a plan together which can be implemented. We want to hear from them.

Send us an email to our email address or fill out our contact form.

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