Take Action

It doesn’t take much for an individual to create an effect. There are numerous ways you can get involved to help make a positive change in the world of a desperate child.

We don’t expect to end hunger nor poverty worldwide, but we can surely try to help as many people as we can. Your physical and financial donations will help us toward achieving our goal.

They are many ways to take action. You can let your voice be heard by telling your friends, family and neighbors about Abake’s Foundation.

You can directly donate money to our organization, help us to raise funds from your circle of influence, or perhaps volunteer your time and expertise. Nothing is too small for a donation.

Everything that you give is valuable to us whether it is money, goods, or even your labor. We value every donation and contribution. There is no such thing as small donation.

Every penny, every strength that you put in is precious to us and those children will definitely benefit from it. Your support will be used to make a positive difference in a child’s life.

Volunteer With Us

Do you receive pleasure by helping those in need? Would you want to help children have a bright future and a happy and healthy life? Maybe you have a good spirit and leadership skills, or just have a golden heart and a will to do something to make a difference.

We welcome anything you would be willing and able to help out with. Anyone who can offer some time or expertise would be encouraged to lend a hand and become part of our movement.

There are no shortage of tasks which can improve our ability to provide aide. Anything from handing out flyer’s, helping to load or unload trucks or shipping containers, or even possibly being flown to Africa to see and treat patients in the case of Medical Doctors.

Really, we are open to your input. Also, your ideas are what makes this world move forward, maybe you’re an architect who would like to design our future building projects, or you are a local newspapermen who would help promote our movement, regardless, your services are very valuable and are appreciated.

Please Contact Us for more information.

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