It all started as a desire to bring some clothing to needy children in West Africa. It has turned out to be a flood of clothing, books, toys, household items, and furniture completely filling a forty foot (extra high) shipping container.

Personally, I have been gratefully overwhelmed by the outpour of support we have received from people towards our collection.

The list of people to thank is very long, some gave a little, some gave much, but all wanted to share their hearts with the desperate children of West Africa.

This proves to me that despite the great shortfalls in humanity around the world, there are still people out there who care enough to accumulate and pass on clothing in hopes that it will find someone who will make needy use of it. Over several months we collected things from people as far as New York City to Washington D.C..

We had stuff accumulated and stored in about four locations which needed to be compiled and trucked to a warehouse that will package and ship out everything together. That is just the beginning of the story.

We are planning to intercept the containers arrival in order to personally process and distribute the goods to various orphanages and schools in Benin. That will be the climax of our clothing drive mission.

Abake’s Foundation would like to thank everybody who donated clothing, furniture and household items to be sent to West Africa.

Abake’s Foundation would also like to thank everyone involved in the collection and transportation of the donated materials.

Abake’s Foundation would further like to thank each person who contributed financially which makes the shipping and handling to Cotonou, Benin possible.

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