After several years of action by the foundation in Africa, the chance has turned to African young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs carrying projects. For his next activity it’s up to you that Abake’s Foundation reaches out.

..Abake’s Foundation now provides you with funding to develop your potential.

….. are you a carrier of initiatives ? …..

….African? Beninese ? ….

…. Come and tell us about your project …

From then on, entrepreneurship becomes a strategic tool, in that it gives young people and women the opportunity to ensure their financial autonomy and to fit into the economic life. Formal enterprise creation creates wealth, creates jobs, added value, tax revenues and innovation, and is a key driver of inclusive and equitable growth.

Objectives of the program

In this context, the foundation’s program will aim to strengthen the capacities of targeted countries to contribute to the creation of decent jobs and sustainable incomes by promoting entrepreneurship (TEPs – Very Small Enterprises and SMEs – Small and Medium Enterprises). ) among young graduates and women. This will be done in sectors with high employment potential in the beneficiary countries of the program

Three areas of intervention will be favored:

1) Support for young people and women with projects, in particular through access to incentive and support tools for entrepreneurship, by setting up business incubators for young people and women in the target countries. These incubators should provide support to entrepreneurs in terms of capacity building (such as entrepreneurship training, tutoring, business plan development, additional training in the use of tools including tools digital);

2) Improvement of the entrepreneurial environment (institutional, regulatory, and financial) in order to facilitate the creation of businesses by young people and women and to encourage the formalization of economic activities;

3) The development of platforms for the exchange of good practices on employment and entrepreneurship.

Geographic coverage

1) The first line of intervention will focus on technical support to 2 or 3 target countries for the creation or sustainability of “business incubator” type structures.

2) The second line of intervention will give priority support to the countries targeted in the “incubators” section. However, some activities may also encourage the participation of other Francophone countries in sub-Saharan Africa to promote the exchange of experiences between the countries of the zone.

3) The third line of intervention will focus mainly on the organization of events (fora, conferences, thematic workshops) and will encourage the participation of stakeholders from all Francophone countries of sub-Saharan Africa, to promote sub-regional exchanges and regional. Stakeholders from other Francophone regions can also be mobilized to complete certain panels and exchanges of good practices.

Beneficiaries of the program

1) Institutions wishing to develop or strengthen a capacity-building and support offer for young people and women with projects and entrepreneurs, in particular by setting up incubators or accelerators and tutoring offer.

2) Project leaders / entrepreneurs (women and youth) will be selected and supported by the incubators / accelerators in the target countries.

3) The national public structures in charge of supporting entrepreneurship for young people and women, employment and support for VSE / SMEs which will be accompanied by the program in the consolidation of an “entrepreneurial environment” favorable to young people and women

4) Francophone networks will be supported in their activities in favor of entrepreneurship

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