To mitigate the energy deficit in Benin, Abake’s Foundation has initiated the “Light for all” program to electrify rural areas. Municipalities in the country with low electrification rates are the main target of the program.

Energy as much as water is essential to life. It is with this assertion that the non-profit organization Abake’s Foundation initiated the Light for All Program. The aim is to reduce the development gap between cities and countryside through rural electrification by installing a solar power plant to improve the living conditions of village communities and create an environment conducive to economic growth. beneficiary villages.

Without electricity, economic development will only be lived in dreams. This is why no government develops its development policy without inserting it into it. Tens of billions are already invested in this area and yet it remains to be done,

Abakè Assongba, president of the foundation that bears her name

According to Moustapha Amadou, Coordinator of Abake’s Foundation, the “Light for All” program is part of the rural electrification dynamic to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To select the villages that will benefit from this Program, the Foundation has launched a call for expressions of interest for municipalities in Benin.

To benefit from the Program, two (02) steps are required: the first is to answer the call for expression of interest and the second is the validation, by an independent panel of experts, of expressions of interest. according to the criteria, among other things, the geographical location of the village concerned, the density in terms of population, the relevance of the village case, and the availability of space to house the plant,

said Moustapha Amadou

Founded more than a decade ago by Abakè Assongba, Abake’s Foundation is an international non-profit organization headquartered in the United States of America (USA). In addition to its primary mission of fighting for the well-being of children in Africa, Abake’s Foundation is also active in areas such as health, education, women’s advancement, youth entrepreneurship, and many others.

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