The big part of the non development of many African nations including Benin is the oversight of the spirit of pure love and unity.

The creation of this event is to reinforce the spirit of family and to implant the spirit of loving, unity and giving within children at a young age.

This project inserts a vision of the value of the genius that is children. Beyond this, it contributes to the joy of giving and the spirit of love and unity that is part of the grass root to a development of a country.

« Christmas for children » is a channel through which we will like to further express the importance of the spirit of giving in society and education within an ambiance of festivities in the heart. Our goal is to always strive so the children of today can be the great leaders of tomorrow and make the world a better place to live.

Christmas for orphaned children in a difficult situation at a total cost of six million nine hundred eighty eight eighteen thousand five hundred eighty five five (6,988,585) FCFA or 14,000 USD December 19, 2009

On January 04, 2011, children’s Christmas parish and primary school ST Pierre and Paul Parakou for a total cost of Three Million Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Six Cents (3.162.600) FCFA or 6.325 USD.

December 25, 2011: Christmas children in the village of So-Ava in the village of Lokpo and surroundings with a total cost of One Million Three Hundred Twenty Five Thousand (1,325,000) F CFA or 2,700 USD

Project PDF downloadable here

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