Since the 1990’s, the government of Benin engaged in a strategy with a vision to insure the flow of the economic system. They invested in the main economic sector which created jobs and fed families.

With this vision established by the government, the informal sector is being called on to bring its competition to satisfy the needs of our population in the cities and villages. Despite the national productive contribution of the government in regards to job creations, incomne and the satisfaction of the essential need of the population, there still more that need to be done to reach the goal of a long lasting economic growth in Benin.

Our main goal here is to support our citizen in their daily fight for survival. In this particular case, the beneficairies of this project will be the operators of taxi motocycle and the customer that will use them for their daily commute. The operators will receive the motocycle according to the guidelines pre-set by ABAKE’S FOUNDATION. The reimbursment will be done within a period of two(2) years.

February 20, 2010: One hundred (100) new motorcycles at four (4) non-polluting times to motorcycle taxi drivers at 00% interest rates to be repaid over a period of twenty four (24) months at the rate of five hundred ( 500) FCFA per day or 1 USD per day.

The overall cost with insurance of One hundred (100) motorcycles is: Thirty Five Million Six hundred and Forty thousand Eight Cents (35,640,800) CFA Francs or 72,000 USD.

February 19, 2011: Official Discount of Five Hundred (500) new 4-stroke non-polluting motorcycles to motorcycle taxi drivers and individuals at an overall cost of One Hundred Seventy Ten Eight Million Two Hundred Four Thousand (178,204,000) F CFA that’s 356,500 USD. On the same date, three hundred (300) destitute women received micro-credit without interest for a total amount of eleven million (11,000,000) CFA francs or 22,000 USD; [One hundred (100) women received Fifty Thousand (50,000) FCFA each or 100 USD Two hundred (200) received Thirty Thousand (30,000) FCFA each or 60 USD

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