From proposal to completion, project leaders who responded to Abake’s Foundation’s call are getting closer to their goal. After completing the various formalities to help the Foundation team to pre-select the best projects, the names of the selected young entrepreneurs are known.

Of the 30 or so applicants starting Abake’s Foundation choose 16 of them. They will have to move for the final stage in the coming days to the Africa headquarters of the foundation located in Abomey-Calavi in ​​Benin. On the spot they will be listened, the objective will be to let them defend their project vocally. An opportunity that will both allow Abake’s Foundation to learn a little more about project initiators but also about their relevance. The exchange will follow up the posting of the various information obtained on the entrepreneurs as well as their projects. To initiate the practical phase, project sponsors must provide the foundation with all the necessary documents: diplomas, certificates of project members, photocopies of their identity cards, business plans, etc.

Pre-selected are projects with project managers below :

  • Agbahoungba Natacha (E-Agri Bio)
  • AGBOTOUEDO Mevognon CHARLES (Extension of improved aquaculture technology by above ground fish farming)
  • BODJRENOU Gbenato Marius (Creation of a unit for the production and marketing of soy-fortified rice couscous to correct the nutritional status of malnourished populations in Benin)
  • DAASSI Florent (Production of vegetable milk and butter)
  • DAHOU Jocelin (Tomatoes for all)
  • DJISSOU Dodji Carmel (The production and marketing of fresh tilapia fish and clarias in floating cages in an artificial lake)
  • Eko Houelete (Creation of a local fish farm using floating cages on Toho Lake)
  • GBEWOTON Ulrich (Project for the installation of a bread-making cassava flour production unit)
  • MONKOUN Satingo Hermine (Transformation of pineapple into pineapple juice and marketing)
  • MONTCHO Jacob (Production and marketing of edible mushrooms)
  • N’DA Natte Jonas (BIOGAS Benin Africa Project)
  • N’DA Natte Jonas(Benin Digital Youth)
  • RAZAKOU Yahaya (Golouwon)
  • VODJI Wilfrid (Transformation of organic pepper into paste, liquids and powder rich in vitamins and minerals)
  • YASSEGOUNGBE Selome Virginie (Creation of a beauty salon)

Deadline for submission of applications: July 25, 2018

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